Kaigai Bussan Corporation was incorporated in February of 1967 in Tokyo. The founders themselves were users of an aircraft and were facing all kinds of difficulties to obtain parts and services needed to avoid AOG for their plane.
In order to avoid AOG situations, Kaigai Bussan Corporation was established by them to supply the needed services and parts.

Since then, the company has played an important role in the sales and services/repairs of aircraft electronics and avionics devieces.
We strongly believe in the life-cycle support whereby we still support devices such as navigation communication devices which were installed almost 40 years ago on the aircraft that are still flying in Japan.

In addition to avionics sales and service/repair center, we have expanded the sales and trading division of the company for defense-related businesses and also aviation-related area by becoming LEONARD`s distributor for AW109, and AW119 for the commercial market in Japan.
We have also opened LEONARD`s parts center in Japan for the first time for 109 and 119 series for the commercial market.

We are very proud to announce that a prefecture of Kagoshima has selected AW109SP and AW109 helicopters for their Doctor-Heli Operations, which denote for EMS services, for the prefecture of Kagoshima in December of 2011. This was the very first time for AW109SP to be selected for such operations in Japan.

This high-speed and long range helicopter matches with the requirements by the prefecture due to the wide geometric area and the many isolated islands.
In 2014, South Hokkaido (Donan) introduced the Doctor-Heli with AW109SP for their wide geometric area and in 2015, Toyama prefecture also introduced AW109SP for its Doctor-Heli operation as it fits to the requirements due to high altitude mountains and low altitude flat fields.

Through our 48 years of history, we have worked very closely with the Ministry of Defense for all areas of operations, Police Agency, Fire Defense and Rescue agencies for all over Japan as well as aircraft operators for both commercial airlines and regional operators.
It is our hope that we can continue to provide services and products that are needed in Japan for the area of national defense, aviation-related areas and also for the decontamination needs for hot nuclear cells as well as for virus.

President & CEO  Masayoshi Yamazaki
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President & CEO  Masayoshi Yamazaki
Favorite words: Where there is a will, there is a way.
Favorite things: Flying Airplane Pilot Certificate:Single/Multi Engine-Land / Single-Sea.
1986N Sophia University, Ichigaya Campus
1986`1997 Morgan Stanley
1997`2002 UBS AG Group
2003 Japan-America Institute of Management Science (ICMP Program)
2004 Pilot Certificate for Single / Multi Engine Land in Hawai, HI
2004 President of Kaigai Aviotech
2006 Pilot Certificate for Single-Sea in Havasu, AZ